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Surf Breaks

Incredibly, there are over 50 surf breaks in the Cape to Cape region of Margaret River. ┬áSome are easy to access, while other breaks require a 4WD and a lot of local knowledge. ┬áCheck out the best go to reference on this: Surfing Margaret River’s Cape to Cape Guide.


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Surfing Margaret River (SMR) was founded in June 2013. SMR aims to promote surfing in the Margaret River Region. It does this by posting a daily surf photo taken between the Capes on its Facebook page at 5pm (surf permitting); offering photography services for hire to groups or individuals; selling ready-to-hang canvas prints of epic surfing photos; maintaining a surfing blog on its’ website and promoting the Surfing Margaret River Cape to Cape Guide which details over 50 surf spots between the Capes. For more information on any of these products or services please visit website at

At Fresh Tracks Margaret River, we operate under our Code of Practice We surf to the Surfers Code and encourage you to do so too.